I’m Tanya-Jayne

A Problem Solver

My Skillset

Creativity & Design

Whether it’s the written word or web design I like to use my creative side in whatever I do.

Solution Selling

15+ years of sales experience specialising in solution selling, ensuring the right product fit always.

Cloud Computing

I’ve been selling, consulting on and creating cloud computing solutions for over 10 years.

Empathy & Passion

My life experience has given me a huge capacity for empathy and passion for whatever I become involved with.

Critical Thinking

The ability to stand back and critically evaluate a problem, a business or a piece of work is invaluable.

Creative Problem Solving

The wellspring of my creative process starts with evaluating and then finding innovative ways to solve a problem.

About Me

I’m a forty something transwoman entrepreneur, with a love for life; for my wonderful wife Dawn; my adorable Parsons Jack Russel Terrier Heidi; and for my numerous mostly wacky friends.

You will always find me doing something – I work for a small non-profit but also find the time to run two businesses.

When I’m not ‘working’ I’m spending time with my loved ones or I’m in the kitchen creating something tasty for them! I love technology in all its forms (except printers which I hate with a passion!) and I’m the biggest Google fangirl you will find anywhere outside of Mountain View probably.

In the evening, give me a good book to read, or a box set / film to watch on the telly, plus a glass of prosecco by my side and I will finally relax!

My Passions

Reading & Podcasts

I’m always part way through several books, usually these days consumed via audiobook. If I’m not listening to a book I’ll be catching up on one of the numerous podcasts I’m subscribed to.

Music & Festivals

Whilst I’m not in the slightest bit musical, I do love music, be it classical, jazz, pop or folk. Music festivals, for me, isn’t just about the music though. I love to drink in the atmosphere and sample the wonderful food on offer.

Active Body

I’ve always loved to walk, there’s no better way to get your thoughts and emotions in order than a good walk, preferably with a canine companion. More recently I’ve taken up running in an effort to keep fit.

Politics & Modern History

I have a great interest in modern history and in political thinking. I’m a left-leaning ‘bleeding heart’ liberal snowflake and a proud Remainiac!

Social Activism

Being transgender is a part of who I am. This experience has given me a passion for activism to fight to improve the lives of my fellow human beings.

Food & Drink

I love to try new flavours and foodstuffs, either the cooking and/or eating of them! I have a taste for wine & real ale – Prosecco or Greene King IPA …if you’re buying! 

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